Costa del Sol Property Expert Sees an Increase in Prices in the Coming Months

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Cranes for Property Construction are back in Spain

The Spanish property market is being treated with kid gloves. While the country is making strides in its recovery from recession, the whole property situation remains terribly fragile. But the improving confidence is getting through to experts, and according to a recent analysis, many believe there will be a considerable rebound in the coming months…. Read more »

The Interest on Spanish Golden Visa Grows Rapidly

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Golden Schengen Visa Spain

Russian, Chinese, Indian & Iranian Business People are showing their intentions… The Spanish Golden Visa has become for many foreign entrepreneur and business people, as the “Golden Ticket” to get their foot into Spain & Europe. Since the Government is “selling” the right to reside in Spain in exchange for one million shares, deposit in… Read more »

Great News for Real Estate in Spain

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  The Spanish Property Market is on the Recovery Sabadell bank has sold in the first six months of 2013, 7,747 homes, 56% higher than the same period last year. The company says it has raised the price of 12 developments between January and June. A big percentage of the property sold was in Valencia,… Read more »

Andalucia win market share in the countries that support the tourism business

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Seven markets provide 72 percent of international stays in Andalucia grow above the national average The Minister for Tourism and Trade Board, Rafael Rodriguez, yesterday presented the first report tourists made of to the region and concluded that Andalucía win market share with the seven international markets , which account for 72% of the overnight… Read more »